Tax Planning

Comprehensive Solutions for the Tax Planning of Every Business!

With tax legislation constantly changing, the tax compliance of a business has become more important than ever. "Fovera Prostasia S.A." incorporates the changes in the tax system into its planning, simplifying the process and minimizing financial risk.

We rely on our experienced staff for strategic analysis and management of every tax matter. We collect and analyze the financial data of each business on a weekly basis and design the appropriate strategy that will lead to the greatest possible tax relief.

In more detail, we offer:

  • Tax Engineering and Strategy for avoiding excessive taxation
  • Diagnostic examination of previous years and current business status
  • Corrections of errors and issues
  • Income tax for legal entities and individuals
  • Documentation coverage, source of funds, VAT refunds
  • Handling of special cases of income tax audits
  • Utilization of tax benefits provided by development laws
  • Transfer Pricing, documentation files for intra-group transactions
  • Support during tax audits and representation before tax authorities


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