Human Resources Recruitment & Evaluation

People are the driving force of every company!

Creating a strong and efficient team requires individuals who share a common vision and goals. At "Fovera Prostasia S.A.", we provide personalized services for finding and evaluating human resources, according to the philosophy and needs of your business.

Finding Human Resources, we relieve entrepreneurs from the complex and time-consuming process of finding human resources, allowing them to focus seamlessly on the development of their company. We search for the suitable individuals who align with the vision and work culture of each business, aiming to meet its needs to the fullest and achieve corporate goals.

In more detail, we undertake: 

  • Capturing the basic position requirements
  • Drafting and agreeing on targeted job advertisements
  • Identifying advertisement publication channels
  • Collecting and evaluating incoming resumes
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews (resumé-based or structured)
  • Composing individual evaluation reports
  • Sending reports of the most suitable candidates

We perform the search for capable and experienced candidates by directly contacting individuals who may not have identified the position to be filled or are not actively seeking employment (headhunting). The personnel search process may include conducting personality/skill tests, obtaining recommendations from previous employers, as well as formulating a comprehensive job description based on the needs of the available position.

Through our integrated services, you have access to well-structured and comprehensive information to make the most appropriate decision for you.

Entrusting the recruitment of human resources to "Fovera Prostasia S.A."solves issues such as:

  • Lack of specialized personnel to fill company positions
  • Non-responsiveness of candidates from competing companies

"Fovera Prostasia S.A." handles the personnel search with discretion and anonymity until the final stage of the process, attracting a wider range of candidates. Our team facilitates the staffing process by keeping the entrepreneur informed about the progress of the search.

Personnel Evaluation

Systematic and objective evaluation of a company's personnel can indicate their efficiency in the positions they hold and their ability to contribute to the company's upward trajectory. "Fovera Prostasia S.A." designs personnel evaluation programs tailored to each company's specific data, having a comprehensive understanding of the bigger picture.

Personnel evaluation is particularly useful in making strategic decisions regarding promotion, relocation, demotion, and even dismissal of personnel, while their rewarding ensures their professional satisfaction.

We design and implement well-structured reorganization plans using modern methods and tools, ensuring the smooth redistribution of personnel, aiming for optimal individual and team efficiency.

Specifically, we undertake:

  • Meeting with management & capturing evaluation goals
  • Employee segmentation by hierarchical level
  • Capturing personality traits, behaviors, and technical skills for each role
  • Creating questions based on the defined skill set by hierarchical level
  • Conducting structured interviews
  • Administering personality and skill tests
  • Delivering individual and overall conclusions report


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