Digital Marketing

Ensure Accurate and Targeted Presentation!

The transition to the digital era makes the dynamic and active presence of businesses on social and digital networks essential. "Fovera Prostasia S.A." undertakes the correct and targeted promotion of your business in the digital world, with a strategic visibility plan tailored to your needs.

Our comprehensive digital marketing solutions achieve the recognition of every company, the creation of a distinct presence in the digital world, and the expansion of its customer base. Our specialized team understands the market and consumer behavior and implements effective communication campaigns for modern businesses aiming for continuous growth.

More specifically, our Digital Marketing services include:

Social Media Management

  • Creation and management of Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest).
  • Content creation and graphic design (Image posts, Video posts, Stories, Competitions).
  • Product photography and image editing.
  • Monthly reports to showcase the results.
  • Social Media Advertising: Creation and management of advertising accounts.
  • Creation of promotional advertisements for your company/products/services.
  • Monthly reports to showcase the results.
  • Optimization of ad visibility.

Google Ads

  • Creation of Google advertising accounts.
  • Creation of content and graphic design for Google Ads (Search ads/Display ads).
  • Monthly reports to showcase the results.


  • Account creation on the platform and importation of contact lists.
  • Categorization of contacts and email segmentation.
  • Creation and sending of targeted and personalized newsletters.
  • Monthly reports to showcase the results.

Trust the digital presence of your brand to "Fovera Prostasia S.A." and benefit on multiple levels

  • Establishment of your corporate identity.
  • Increase in corporate recognition.
  • Increase in sales through targeted promotion.
  • Direct interaction with existing and potential customers.
  • Enhancement of credibility through online presence.
  • Increase in social media visibility.
  • Immediate evaluation of your digital presence with measurable results.


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