Company Formations & Case Processing

Supporting You Since the Founding of Your Company!

"Fovera Prostasia S.A." offers a wide range of services for the establishment and handling of your business matters!

  1. Company Formation

    The decision to establish a company comes with the requirement of knowledge regarding necessary actions and relevant legislation to avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes. The experienced professionals at "Fovera Prostasia S.A." undertake all the necessary procedures for the lawful and smooth initiation of your new business activities.
    Our reliable consultants ensure complete and up-to-date support for every business during its establishment, catering to both current and future endeavors.

  2. Conversion of Business Legal Form

    The conversion of a business's legal form results in accounting, tax, and operational changes. "Fovera Prostasia S.A." ensures the optimal execution of the entire process, providing guidance and updates to the entrepreneur for the most advantageous choices.
  3. Termination of Legal Entities' Operations

    Our experienced tax consultants take care of the smooth termination of legal entities' operations through efficient and expedited procedures, resolving any pending matters. This allows uninterrupted continuity of business activities.
  4. Applied Legislation for Business Operations

    The team at "Fovera Prostasia S.A." maintains comprehensive awareness of existing legislation, meticulously examining practical matters related to the operation of each business. This inspires confidence in the modern entrepreneur, allowing them to focus on the growth of their company.

    Specifically, we provide:

    - Interpretation of provisions regarding tax havens and services for foreign tax residents.
    - Handling specific issues such as frozen bank accounts (duration, causes, treatment, resolution).
    - Case law for business licenses in all activities.
  5. Regular and Extraordinary Transactions with Public Entities

    Transactions with public entities and services can be time-consuming. "Fovera Prostasia S.A." efficiently handles all related obligations, saving valuable time for the modern entrepreneur.

  6. Issuance of Property Registry Number (AMΑ) and Registration of Short-Term Lease Reservations (e.g., Airbnb, Booking, etc.)

    - Collaboration with the business owner's accountant for lease acceptance declaration.
    - Issuance of Property Registry Number (AMΑ) on the AADE platform.
    - Registration of lease reservations on the AADE platform with information provided by the entrepreneur.
  7. Trademark Registration and Protection

    The company's trademark serves as its distinctive feature. It is an invaluable and exploitable tool for recognition and differentiation from similar or competing brands in the market, ultimately expanding its customer base.

    In detail, we provide the following services:

    - Examination of non-acceptability (distinctiveness power).
    - Classification into classes.
    - Legal verification of availability.
    - Submission of registration applications, renewals, or other modifications.
    - Protection against objections or infringement proceedings before competent Administrative Committees, as well as civil and administrative courts.

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