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Feasibility Studies (Business plan, viability, business evaluations)

Fovera Prostasia S.A. has at its disposal an organised department of financial analysts which specialises in creating excellent business plans, and viability studies and business evaluations. By applying modern and internationally recognised methods we can offer reliable results – tools, even in the case of small businesses, where a variety of obstacles are often encountered.

  1. Business Plan

Your business plan is an especially important tool that answers questions such as:

– What is the financial course of your business right now and over time, leading to the present
– At what level and in which sectors are you successfully competitive in the market in which you are active
– What are the goals you have set for the future and
– How will you achieve those goals

The existence of a well structured and documented business plan is necessary when you want to get funding from banks and interested funds, to attract investors, or even in cases of company discussions/negotiations with clients and suppliers.

  1. Business/investment viability studies

Viability studies aim at analysing the cost and overall viability of your business / investment plan, in order to investigate and identify the final evaluation of its success and profitability.

Focusing on:

– the economic analysis of your business’ current situation
– the analysis of the internal and external environment / market
– the opportunities and risks of your business idea
– the calculation and evaluation of the financial viability indexes of your business, as well as the profitability indexes of your investment following its implementation, our only  goal is to guide you in making the right and profitable business decisions.

  1. Company / company group evaluation studies

The evaluation of a business is a process that requires special knowledge both of the business and of the market in which it is active. Defining the commercial value of your company is necessary in buyout and/or merger cases, possible partnershipsinforming shareholders, and in cases where you wish to know the potential of your business, in order to set future goals.

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