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Establishment – Conversion of Companies & Case Handling

  1. Establishment of Companies

Establishing a company (sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, private company, Société Anonyme) has become a particularly serious matter, with aspects beyond the ordinary process of dealing with public services. Factors such as proper Articles of Association, applications filed with the right services and, at the same time, overall handling of formal procedures exclusively by the experienced executives of Fovera Prostasia SA, without entrepreneurs having to waste any time whatsoever, truly give meaning to starting a business endeavour.

Particularly for the incorporation of a company, the timing, its shareholder structure, relations between shareholders and management, current and future activities, its commercial export or import transactions and many other critical issues, the support provided by our fully specialised team aims at avoiding errors and omissions that could cost you in the future.

  1. Conversion of the legal form of enterprises

Converting the legal form of an enterprise, e.g. from a general partnership to a private company, is purely a matter of strategy. It is a decision that may have various causes, either corporate or personal that concern the stakeholders participating in the shareholder structure or other individuals.

Fovera Prostasia guides entrepreneurs towards the legal form with the most benefits for their business, and undertakes the handling of the overall process. Finally, our consulting department undertakes the implementation of the smoothest possible transition to the new form (accounting, taxation and operation).

  1. Cessation of work of legal persons

Cessation of work either for reasons of conversion to a new business scheme or for taxation or personal reasons is always a tough choice. It may require formal, quick handling in order to quickly resolve potentially long-standing pending affairs and to allow entrepreneurs to move forward. Fovera Prostasia can guarantee smooth and effective cessation of work thanks to its long experience as a tax consultant on similar projects.

  1. Legislation applicable to business operations

From the interpretation of legal provisions on tax havens and services for foreign tax residents and the handling of delicate matters such as blocked bank accounts (duration, causes, addressing, solution) to case-law on the operating permit for all types of businesses, the staff of Fovera Prostasia SA are ready to examine and resolve the practical matters and procedures envisaged by the legislation in force so that our clients can operate smoothly and profit.

  1. Ordinary and extraordinary transactions with public bodies

The external services department undertakes the handling of all ordinary and extraordinary obligations of our clients with regard to public services. Aiming at saving your valuable time and ensuring the smooth operation of your business, we resolve all bureaucratic affairs so that all that remains is healthy entrepreneurship and growth. With great experience in the handling of public services and bureaucracy, no other company could offer more effective services.

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