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Tax Planning

Apart from tax consultants we, too, are business people, and therefore we comprehend your needs and your problems. We face the same issues ourselves and, at the same time, we are in a position to provide you with solutions to overcome them. The system in which we operate is based on high taxation, and the connection of income to insurance payments was recently added to it, making survival conditions for a business even harsher and harder. In order to face such a system you must move according to a plan and a strategy. As Sophocles said, “Luck never helps those who do not help themselves”.

Our Tax Planning services gets results! We collect and analyse economic data from your business on a weekly basis and through forecasts we lead you to making correct business decisions, succeeding in lowering tax and insurance burdens. We take advantage of existing laws and use them to your benefit! Tax audits require confidentiality, knowledge, discretion, and a delicate touch. Our 25 years of experience guarantee that we will handle your case with absolute confidentiality and through the appropriate moves will get you the best possible result.

Indicatively, the Tax Planning service includes:

– Tax Planning and Excessive Taxation Avoidance Strategy
– Diagnostic check of previous years and current company condition. Solutions to correct errors and problems
– Legal and natural person income taxation
– Imputed income, asset justification, VAT refund
– Handling of special cases of income identification tax audits
– Utilisation of tax benefits provided by developmental laws
– Transfer Pricing, intra-group transaction documentation briefs
– Support during tax audits and representation before the tax authorities

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