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Company Organisation & Personnel Administration

Thousands of books have been written on the best way to organise a company and the most effective way to manage its staff, a fact that in itself indicates how important parameters these both are in the life of a company.  There are thousands of people who have read them in their effort to improve their company and increase its profitability. In most cases the results are not satisfactory, and that is not the fault of the books or of the entrepreneurs; it is the method. It is objectively very difficult to take theory and turn it into practice, especially when you are not an expert on a subject.  Also, rarely is the organisation of a company directly connected to the management of its staff. They are usually dealt with as independent factors, which means that for an entrepreneur the degree of difficulty in applying the theory in their business increases significantly.

At Fovera Prostasia S.A. we have concluded, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these two dominant factors for a company must be seen as “communicating vessels”, as they directly affect each other. Therefore they must be worked on at the same time during the reorganising – restructuring of a company!

We have constructed a unique company reorganisation programme, which works on both these sectors at the same time, and is applied 100% from its very beginning in the company under actual working conditions. With the active participation of management and the involvement of the employees, we install a new organisational structure in the company, which starts with the daily, practical needs of the work, and reaches all the way to the demands of management for control, efficiency, productivity, etc.

This method works from day one! It gets immediate results and minimizes any reactions. From the very beginning of its application it provides immediate solutions to management and employees on practical matters that concern organising, production, sales, efficiency, service provision, control, communication, information, etc. This quickly makes it acceptable and applicable by all!

Management quickly enjoys the following benefits:

– The company runs like clockwork.
– Production, efficiency, and profitability indexes continuously improve.
– Positive behaviours are reinforced.
– Targets are achieved.


It is a programme worth applying, which, indicatively, includes:

– Planning and activating the company’s organisational structure (organisational chart, classification of positions)
– Descriptions of positions (duties, competencies, behaviours)
– Organising the work flow, division of responsibilities, work assignments
– Time management, process improvement, cost savings
– Training – growth – staff motivation
– Evaluation and reward system for staff results
– Attracting, selecting, and hiring staff

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