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Accounting support

The correct operation of your accounting department guarantees the longevity of your business. Its proper operation requires knowledge, consistency, organisation and immediate informing of the entrepreneur, so that they can make timely, correct decisions, regarding the future of their company.  External accountants, the accounting firm that supports you, should have all three of those characteristics (knowledge, consistency, organisation) while providing you with accounting support, and at the same time their reflexes should be constantly tuned in to your demands and needs. Lack of knowledge and professional service come at the cost of valuable time from your daily life, and may possibly result in monetary fines, delaying the growth of your business.

Our company has operated for many years with a certified ISO system, its human resources in the accounting support sector are large in number and specialised, and it is in a position to provide modern solutions, secure services, and immediate support for your daily needs.

Indicative accounting support services:

– Keeping computerised single-entry and double-entry books at our offices or at the business seat, in accordance with GAAP or IAS
– Incorporations, Changes, Mergers, Cessations of Work, Liquidations
– Execution of all transactions with civil services (Tax Offices, Insurance Bodies, GCR, Region and Chambers)
– Supervision of business at its seat by a specialised accountant on a weekly basis. Immediate informing of entrepreneurs
– Organisation and supervision of companies’ internal accounting department
– Progressive result updates every month, quarter, six months, year
– Drafting and submitting of withheld tax statements (VAT, BPOT, Freelancer’s Tax)
– Drafting end-of-year financial statements

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