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Executive Training & Seminars

Training results must be visible and quantifiable. This is not always attainable as the training method and educational material does not take into account the conditions in effect in a business, instead it is general training that attempts to “cover” everyone.

For that reason, while there is participation in training sessions and seminars, individually or in groups, the business does not see tangible results and the entrepreneur is disappointed feeling as though they threw their money away!

Fovera Prostasia S.A. has a different philosophy in training! Our training programmes focus on the particularities of each business and the goals in place. The training programme is created based on the needs and the framework in which the trainee is active and is applied practically.  We train staff, executives, and even entrepreneurs themselves.

– Sales Seminar
– Effective Customer Service Seminar
– Leadership Seminar
– Executive Personal Growth
– Time Management

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