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Franchising Services

In recent years franchise chains have followed a steadily upward trajectory, despite the fact that the financial crisis has affected a very large number of small and medium businesses. This has resulted in the existence of an important number of franchise brands in which any interested party can invest, in order to join the business as a franchisee.

At the same time franchise chains are searching for the right candidates – investors through which the chain will be able to grow and succeed.

It is only natural that the flourishing of franchises will continuously bring to the forefront new business ideas, which, on the one hand, incorporate professional opportunities, but, on the other, also has several hidden traps.

Whether you are a franchise looking for investments, or if you have a business concept in mind that you want to materialise, or if you are an investor, it would be in your favour to move in a structured way using scientific methodology.

At Fovera Prostasia S.A. we can support every aspect of your enterprise or assist you with individual parts.  Specifically, our sectors of support are:

– Registering the trademark
– Evaluating the parent company
– Branch and network viability, and defining the franchise model
– Operational manual
– Franchise agreement
– Investor information brief
– Finding locations
– Setting up branches
– Finding and training staff
– Accounting & tax support, payroll issuance

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