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Issuance and Management of Staff Payroll

One of the hardest and most demanding sectors is payroll issuance, which demands a combination of labour and insurance law. This may be the most complicated, incomprehensible, and often anachronistic combinational legal framework, since certain laws in effect come from the very distant past, when businesses operated in a completely different environment and had other needs. The existence of the ERGANI electronic system may have relieved us of standing in line at the OAED services and at the Labour Inspection, and provided us with electronic access to them, however, after its creation, legislators have made deadlines for document submission extremely strict (hiring, contracts, leaving, labour programmes). This means that an auditor may visit a business with an overall image of the employment scheme applied by the business and the strategy the entrepreneur follows, but the auditor can also impose exceptionally high fines (10,500 euros as a fine for an uninsured employee, 1,200 euros as a fine for working outside normal hours fine, etc.), due to the strict time-frame.

The demands above outline the skills of the person – company that issues your company’s payroll and manages changes in your staff. The payroll issuance and management department at our company has in depth specialisation and follows ISO organisational standards. Our executives, labour law and payroll specialists, have in depth knowledge of the relevant laws and many years of experience in issuing payrolls and managing labour matters. Through our organisation, specialisation, and experience, we provide you with the security and certainty that the job will get done properly, and you will not have to face discrepancies in insurance payments in the thousands of euros during the 10-year EFKA (single social security entity) audit due to ignorance, bad management, or carelessness. Furthermore, the payroll issuance department is adequately staffed so as to be able to execute any change you may ask for -literally- as quickly possible. This means that we do away with the possibility of a fine being imposed on you during a surprise on-site check.

Indicatively, the services we offer are:

– Creating and keeping a complete payroll archive at the company
– Checking whether payroll issuance, insurance representation of employees, the existence and type of contracts, the deadlines of document submissions, etc. were correct in previous years.
– Submission to ERGANI of all documents concerning the lawful employment of the staff, hirings, retirements, modifying work schedules, part-time employment contracts, contract expiration, contract termination, work schedules and schedule modifying tables, annual employment tables, permit books, etc.
– Collection and Processing of all payroll data for the monthly calculation
– Dispatch of payroll lists, accounting entries at the end of the month
– Dispatch of payment slips to employees at the end of the month per branch and employee, with a breakdown of one month’s wages
– Creation and dispatch of employee payment file to the bank for the settling of the payroll
– Drafting and submission of insurance fund list for the main analytic periodic report and ancillary insurance
– Participation of your company in subsidised employment programmes via OAED
– Representation of your company at SEPE, IKA, OAED for the resolution of any labour differences
– Payroll cost calculation scenarios, employment cost reduction solutions