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Our company

Our company

Following many years of activity, Fovera Prostasia S.A. now holds an important position in the field of companies providing Accounting, Tax Support, Payroll, and Consultation Services.

From the very beginning we had one goal at Fovera Prostasia S.A.: to provide our clients with holistic support, actively and effectively. During the current era, in particular, we comprehend that entrepreneurs do not have time to waste; in fact, their time is very limited and they must use it for their main occupation, which is running their business in such a way so as to increase profitability.

Thus, over time we have developed and currently provide services such as  accounting support,  tax planning, issuing payrolls, staff organisation & administration, staff & entrepreneur training, costing products & services, delivering feasibility studies regarding viability, evaluations, business plans, etc., we are actively involved with NSRF programmes, as well as all types of  subsidised programmes that benefit a business and help materialise its goals. Years ago we recognised the importance of marketing and at present we recognise the necessity of digital marketing business growth.

It is obvious that none of these services are provided by chance. They complement each other and are necessary for a business to cover its entire spectrum of needs as regards accountants, tax consultants, employment attorneys, economists, business consultants, trainers, and marketeers.  It is invaluable for a company to have at its disposal all those partners that it would need to achieve its goal, profitability and growth in “one place”, and that everyone operates with the same professionalism, the same mentality!

Our mentality at Fovera Prostasia S.A., the way in which we provide our services, is practical, active, innovative, it is evaluated in the daily operation of the business, and can be summarised as follows:

  • – We do our job properly
  • – We meet your needs immediately
  • – We inform you reliably
  • – We provide responsible consultation
  • – We bring about positive results


Words are important to us!

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with small- and medium-sized business owners as they are the ones who have the most to deal with, the ones who need us the most. We do our job properly, responsibly, so that they do not find themselves facing fines in the future, we organise the business properly so that it is not vulnerable to audits, we take care of procedural matters so as not to waste time with them, we answer their questions in a simple and comprehensible way, so that they can plan ahead and have control, instead of acting passively at the last moment, we provide practical and applicable solutions to their problems, we use the current laws to their benefit and produce visible results, we guide them towards safe business decisions about their future.

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